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Integrated Conditioning Acquisition & Control System Software

PI660 is the choice of most Series 6000 users for test management, data acquisition, and data display. It is a turnkey application that runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. PI660 provides all the tools for test definition, setup & tracking, transducer calibration, data acquisition, display, distribution, plotting, replay, export, and quality validation.

PI660 also has an application programmer’s interface (API). The API encapsulates the real time core of PI660 and allows the user/programmer to modify the appearance and functionality of PI660 without needing to decipher its internals. Examples of its use include making PI660 look exactly like a legacy data acquisition system, adding control applications to PI660 based on real time measurement data, adding third-party hardware and software code and integrating system control and data acquisition into third party applications such as LabView.

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PI660 V10 Displays Large

PI660 Professional Test & Measurement Software

Many facilities don’t have the time, resources or interest in creating their own software applications. Save valuable time and money with PI660 Series 6000 Test and Measurement Software. PI660 is a turnkey application that runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Pre-test operations include: system setup, test definition & tracking, system & transducer calibration. Real-time features include: display, acquisition & data distribution to display clients. Post-test functions include: data replay, plotting and export to 3rd party formats for analysis. When facilities choose PI660, setup time is greatly reduced, allowing users to focus on what matters most: testing, not writing software.

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