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Model 9355 Automated Amplifiers

Series 9300 are fully programmable, modular signal conditioning amplifiers with isolated excitation, 300V common mode rejection, programmable filters and dual analog outputs. Channels are controlled from the front panel or Windows software. Plug in completion cards allow the 9300 to be used with a variety of transducer types. Series 9300 has been a mainstay in the Pacific signal conditioning product line for years. With tens of thousands of channels in the field, Pacific still sells and fully supports the 9300. In fact, it has been updated many times in its life cycle, helping to keep it available to our customers over the years.

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Model 9355 Transducer Amplifier-Filter with Control & Display Panel


  • Voltage & current excitation
  • Remote sensing & excitation interrupt
  • Two-range automatic balance
  • DAC shunt calibration
  • 4-step, bipolar resistive shunt calibration
  • Gains 1 to 10,000
  • Voltage substitution calibration
  • 300 Volt common mode
  • Eight low-pass filters, dual outputs
  • Digital excitation & output monitors
  • Windows software


Series 9300 are fully programmable, modular signal conditioning amplifiers for use with transducers and other low-level signal sources. An on-board microprocessor automates operation, reducing setup time and assuring high-quality measurement ...

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