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Transient Recording Systems

Series 5800 is a transient recording system for explosive and other high speed recording applications like shock & vibration testing. Each measurement channel includes high bandwidth signal conditioning, digitizing rates up to 10MS/s and recording to onboard memory. Series 5800 can be used in laboratory or harsh physical environments and includes turnkey application software. A system consists of an Enclosure, I/O Module and Software.

Transient Recorder Features

  • Record fast events, up to 10 MS/s
  • One pre-trigger and two post-trigger sample rates
  • 3 or 16 channel, battery operated enclosures
  • Up to 50 Gs shock
  • Ethernet interface with Windows software
  • Dual inputs, bridge and ICP
  • Programmable for ¼, ½ and full bridges
  • Voltage & shunt calibration
  • Automatic, hands-off operation
  • Optional analog output for external recording

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Transient Recording Enclosures

Rugged, DC powered enclosures are available for recording transient data in harsh physical environments. AC powered rack-mounted enclosures are available for high speed transient recording in laboratory environments.

Transient Recording Modules

I/O Modules have high bandwidth, dual mode (Bridge and ICP/IEPE) signal conditioning. Each channel has a high gain amplifier, programmable filter and analog output. The digitizer is available with 14, 16 or 24-bit resolution and sample rates up to 10MS/s per channel. Simultaneous sampling provides excellent time correlation between channels. Data is recorded to onboard memory that is debriefed following a test sequence.
PI580 Ready-to-Run, Turnkey Software

Transient Recording Software

PI580 is a complete software operating environment for Windows. This ready to use, turnkey application has everything needed to program and operate the 5800 and export recorded data files.
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