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Model 6000U, Enclosure 16-Slot, USB Data & Control Interface


  • Enclosure for 16 I/O modules
  • USB 2.0 Interface provides 5+ MS/s aggregate data rate
  • Calibration voltage distribution
  • Alarm busses for control external equipment
  • Optional remote operation using gigabit Ethernet
  • Optional on-board data storage
  • Built-in fans and cable tray


The 6000U enclosure has 16 slots for Series 6000 input and output modules with a Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0) computer interface for programming, control and data output. For larger systems, up to 32 enclosures may be combined using USB 2.0 hubs or a computer with multiple USB 2.0 ports. The enclosures are 8U 19-inch rack mount. The enclosures have integral fans providing air circulation and an internal cable tray that routes the input and output cables from the front of the installed modules to exit the rear of the enclosure.

A sample clock bus is provided for multi rack installations. Programming and data transfer is USB 2.0, which provides high data transfer rates with low, predictable latency. It interfaces to the USB 2.0 port provided on most PC computers including laptops. Maximum length of the interface cable is 3 meters but it may be extended further using Ethernet with the Control & Data Processor (CDP) option.

Data Redundancy is optionally available. A 2.5" HD (Module 6095) mounts on the USB controller board in each 6000U enclosure and provides a redundant recording point for the DAS. In the unlikely event the Operators Workstation or DAS Software fails, data will continue to record in each enclosure. Data can be recovered from the system post-test.

The Control & Data Processor (CDP) interfaces multiple 6000U enclosures to gigabit Ethernet providing remote and/or distributed operation. The CDP is typically installed with the Series 6000 DAS and provides an Ethernet interface to the Operators Workstation. The CDP includes a high-speed processor and software that performs low-level operations freeing resources on the Operators Workstation computer for data display, storage, distribution and reduction.

The Operators Workstation (PCCOWU) is the primary control and data recording point for the Series 6000 DAS. The PCCOWU is typically installed in the control room and runs PI660 Data Acquisition Software for system setup, calibration, display, recording, distribution and export. In installations where the DAS is not remote from the Operators Workstation, the PCCOWU will connect directly to Series 6000 Enclosures and does not require the CDP.

Overview  · Data Format  · Data Interface  · Operation  · Connections  · Mechanical  · Control & Data Processor (CDP) and Operators Workstation (PCCOWU) (Optional)  · Ordering Information 


Enclosure Specifications

Series 6000 and 6100 Enclosures are common between the two product lines. Integrated A/D, data and sample rates noted in enclosure specifications apply only to the Series 6000 systems.

Data Format

Data Word

16 or 32-bits, 2's complement binary.

Scan Table

Maximum format length is 65,536 samples.

Sample Rate

Multiple sample rates consisting of the highest sample rate divided by binary numbers. Highest sample rate is programmable with 1 µS resolution.

Data Interface

Output Rate

Processor dependent, typically over 5 million 16-bit samples/second.


Processor and scan table dependent, typically less than 5 milliseconds.

Clock Stability

100 ppm over temperature range.



Control and data interface is USB 2.0.


Window's driver (Both 32 and 64-bit) provides high-level operating command set. Fully compatible with all implementations of PI660 operating software.

Control Inputs

TTL inputs for Start, Stop and Trigger assert flags in the header of output data that initiate software control operations.


Warning and alarm buses may be independent or shared between enclosures and may initiate an output from a digital I/O type module.



15-Pin Type D mounted on rear panel. Mating connector supplied.


15-Pin Type D mounted on rear panel. Mating connector supplied.


Sampling clock synchronization for multiple rack systems. RJ45 connector on controller board. Category 5, 2-meter cable supplied.


2-meter cable supplied.


Power (Mechanical)

115 or 230 VAC, ±10%, 47 to 63 Hz, 400 Watts.

Operating Temperature (Mechanical)

0 to +50 ºC


95% without condensation.


Normal shipping and handling of laboratory instruments.


19 in


14 in


23 in


Approximately 85 pounds with all channel modules.

Control & Data Processor (CDP) and Operators Workstation (PCCOWU) (Optional)


USB 2.0 ports for up to eight 6000U enclosures. Additional 6000U enclosures accommodated by adding USB expansion cards.

Operating System

Windows 7, 64-Bit (others Windows OS configurations available)

Processor & Memory

Intel Core i5 or better. 4 GB RAM


160 GB SSD or better and CD/DVD. Dual SSD Option. Larger disk drives available.


Gigabit Ethernet


24 in. Widescreen for PCCOWU. No Display for CDP. Larger, distributed or multi-monitor configurations available.


115 or 230 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz.

Operating Temperature

0 to +50 ºC


8U high, 19 in. Rack Mount. (other configurations available)

Ordering Information 

Ordering Information

6000U - Enclosure, 16-slot, USB Interface
6095 - Redundant Hard Drive
CDP-1 - Control and Data Processor
CDP-1-DHD - Control and Data Processor, Dual Hard Drives
PCCOWU - Operators Workstation
PCCOWU-DHD - Operators Workstation, Dual Hard Drive


Model 6000U
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