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Model 6017, 32-Channel Voltage/Thermocouple Amplifier-Digitizer


  • Voltage & thermocouple inputs
  • Optional thermocouple reference junction box
  • Gains 1 to 5,000 with 0.05% accuracy
  • Automatic zero & gain calibration
  • Low-pass filter
  • Up to 2 kS/s per channel with 16-bit resolution
  • Two alarms with programmable upper & lower limits


The 6017 has thirty-two input channels organized in four eight-channel groups. The eight inputs in each group are multiplexed to a programmable gain differential amplifier and digitized with 16-bit resolution then output to the Series 6000 data bus. Each channel is capable of digitizing at up to 2,000 samples per second. The differential inputs have 50 Megohm input impedance and are protected to ±25 Volts.

The 6017 is used to digitize low and high-level signals such as thermocouples or the output of signal conditioning amplifiers. The architecture, which limits the multiplexer to eight channels per amplifier, provides low channel-to-channel crosstalk and high accuracy.

A voltage calibration input is provided in each group of channels for gain calibration of the differential amplifier and analog to digital converter. Both gain and zero calibration employ digital-to-analog converters with the calibration DAC settings stored in non-volatile memory on the module. Zero calibration is automatic and gain calibration is automatic when using PI660 software and a traceable calibration reference.

Upper and lower programmable alarm limits are provided and checked each time the output is digitized. In conjunction with a digital I/O module, the alarms may be used to control external equipment.

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Measurement Type


Analog Bandwidth

1 kHz

Excitation/Transducer Power



RC, 2-Pole

Sample Rate (Digitizer)

Up to 2 kS/s

Analog Output




32 channels differential, 2-wire with shield.


±2 millivolts to ±10 Volts full scale.


50 Megohms, shunted by 1,000 pF.


±25 Volts differential and common mode.

Type (Thermocouple Inputs)

B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T.

Configuration (Thermocouple Inputs)

Differential, 2 wire with shield.



Programmable 1-5000, in 1, 2, 3, 5 steps, with ±0.05% accuracy.

Gain Stability

±0.01%, ±0.005%/ºC.

Linearity (Amplifier)

±0.01% for gains < 1,000, ±0.02% for gains 1,000 and higher.

Common Mode

75 dB plus gain in dB to 110 dB, DC to 60 Hz.

CM Voltage

±10 V

Source Current

±25 nA, ±0.1 nA/ºC.


Automatic to ±1 µV RTI, ±0.5 mV RTO.

Zero Stability

±5 µV RTI, ±1 mV RTO, ±1 µV/ºC RTI, ±0.2 mV/ºC RTO. Short term: ±2 µV RTI, ±0.4 mV RTO for 8 hours.

Noise (1 kHz)

2 uV rms RTI plus 0.5 mV rms RTO


-86 dB for full scale signal on adjacent channels.


Determined by input filter, 1 kHz (-3 dB) maximum.



Two-pole, low-pass, RC Filter with 10 Hz or 100 Hz (-3 dB frequency) or wideband.


Other filter frequencies are available.



16-bits, two's complement output.

Sample Rate

Programmable up to 2K samples per second per channel.
Up to 2

Digitizer Linearity

±2 LSB (±0.006%)


Monotonic to 15 bits.


Two alarms each with upper and lower limits that are programmable from negative to positive full scale. Limits checked on each ADC sample.


Voltage Substitution

Alternate input for external calibration reference. Programmable attenuation steps of 1, 0.1, and 0.01 with ±0.01% accuracy. Output of the attenuator is provided on a rear panel connector for calibration.

Zero Calibration

Amplifier input disconnected and shorted for zero calibration.



Occupies one slot in Series 6000 enclosures.


Two 50-pin, Type D input connectors. Connectors are mounted on the front and mates are supplied.


0 to +50 ºC

Ordering Information 

Ordering Information

6017B-F100-RTD - 32-Ch Thermocouple, RTD Ref w/ 100Hz Filter.
6017B-F10-RTD - 32-Ch Thermocouple, RTD Ref w/ 10Hz Filter.

6017B-FWB-RTD - 32-Ch Thermocouple, RTD Ref w/ WB Filter.

6017-F10 - 32-Ch Voltage, Thermocouple w/ 10Hz Filter.

6017-F100 - 32-Ch Voltage, Thermocouple w/ 100Hz Filter.

6017-FWB - 32-Ch Voltage, Thermocouple w/ WB Filter.

6084-32 - 32-Ch Thermocouple Reference.

6084-32-RTD - 32-Ch Thermocouple Reference w/ RTD.


Model 6017
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