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Model 6041, 16-Bit Test Sequencer


  • 16 Digital sequencer outputs
  • Up to 16 time programmable states for each output
  • ±0.01% Time accuracy
  • TTL/CMOS or relay logic
  • 1 Millisecond resolution.


The 6041 is a test sequencer that controls up to 16 digital outputs for activating facility and test equipment. The outputs may be programmed to change state at specific times before, during and after the recording of test data. The 6041-1 version has TTL/CMOS outputs while the 6041-2 version has form C relay outputs.

The 6041 is used to control external equipment in a programmed time sequence. Each of the 16 outputs may be programmed to change state sixteen times at specific intervals with 1 ms resolution. A control input or initiation of the system preview or start operating modes starts the sequence. A second control input stops and resets the sequence. The sequence is also stopped and reset upon reaching its end. The control inputs for the 6041-1 are TTL and optic isolated for the 6041-2.

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Measurement Type

Digital In
Digital Out



Outputs (6040-1)


Outputs (6040-2)

16 single-pole form C relay.


Each output may be programmed to change state up to 16 times.

Delay Time

1 mS to 1 hour. Delays may be cascaded for longer times.


Sequence is started by the 6041's start input, initiation of the system preview mode or initiation of the system record mode.


Sequence is stopped and reset after the longest programmed delay time or by the stop control input.


Status of the sequencer outputs may be read by including the sequencer's outputs in the scan list.

Connectors (Sequencer)

Input connector is 50-pin Type D, output connector is 50-socket Type D. Mating connectors are supplied.

Output Logic Levels

Output Logic Levels

6041-1 - TTL/CMOS. On is +4.8 Volts minimum; off is +0.15 Volts maximum from 1K Ohm source impedance.
6041-2 - One form C contact rated for 2 A at 30 VDC. Maximum voltage is 220 VDC.

Input Logic Levels

Input Logic Levels

6041-1 - TTL/CMOS. Off is less than +0.8 Volts; on is greater than +2.0 Volts. Protected to 50 Volts.
6041-2 - Optic isolated, off is less than 1.45 Volts; on is greater than 3.70 Volts. Input impedance is 360 Ohms. Protected to 50 Volts.



Occupies one slot in Series 6000 enclosures.

Connectors (General)

50-pin type D connector inputs and 50-socket type D connector for outputs. Connectors are on the front and mates are supplied.


0 to +50 ºC


Up to 95% without condensation.

Ordering Information 

Ordering Information

6041-1 - 16-Bit Sequencer, TTL/CMOS In, CMOS Out.
6041-2 - 16-Bit Sequencer, Optic Isolated In, Form C relay Out.


Model 6041
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