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Model 6860, 3U Thermocouple Scanner


  • 32, 64 or 96 Channel Configurations in a 3U Rack Mount Enclosure
  • Utilizes External Uniform Temperature References (UTRs)
  • UTR Model 6084-32, Screw Terminal Reference Allows for Integration of Any TC type and/or
  • UTR Model 6084-32-RM is a 2U, Rack Mountable UTR with Front Mounted 2-pin Mini TC Jacks (T, K, E or J)
  • IRIG Time - A, B or G
  • PI660 Turnkey Software Included


Series 6800 ready-to-run, high performance Thermocouple Measurement Systems are available in many configurations. Each 6800 is equipped with an amplifier, filter and digitizer plus a Uniform Temperature Reference (UTR). Systems interface to a familiar Windows based operator workstation over USB 2.0 where the included software, PI660, is used for setup, display and acquisition of thermocouple data. Each channel has a differential +/- 10V input and can digitize and record data to 16-bit resolution. Digitization rates up to 2,000 samples per second per channel are provided. Additionally, individual channels have an upper and lower programmable alarm capability that is checked each time the output is digitized. Solutions are available for providing digital outputs based on these alarm conditions. PI660 allows for acquisition and control of one or many 6800 systems and provides real time display of thermocouple data. Data can be displayed and recorded in any number of ways, creating a versatile system that can fit any application. Series 6800 is fully compatible with Pacific Instruments’ Series 6000 Transducer Data Acquisition Systems.

PI660 Turnkey Software

PI660 software is the choice for test management, data acquisition, and data display. PI660 controls the Pacific Instruments Series 6800 Data Acquisition System. It provides all the tools for test definition, test setup and tracking, transducer calibration, data acquisition and display, data replay, data export, and test quality validation. PI660 is turnkey, intuitive and easy to use. The ribbon style control panel provides logical access to the various steps of programming. The software even supports a password protected user account mode where functionality can be turned on or off based on the needs of the facility. Learn more about PI660 Turnkey Software.

Overview  · Input  · Amplifier  · Filter  · Digitizer  · Calibration  · Operation  · Data Format  · Data Interface  · Connections  · Mechanical  · Control & Data Processor (CDP) and Operators Workstation (PCCOWU) (Optional)  · Ordering Information 


Measurement Type


Analog Bandwidth

2 kHz


RC, 2-Pole

Analog Output

Monitor Output

Excitation/Transducer Power




32 channels differential, 2-wire with shield.


±2 millivolts to ±10 Volts full scale.


50 Megohms, shunted by 1,000 pF.


±25 Volts differential and common mode.

Type (Thermocouple Inputs)

B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T.

Configuration (Thermocouple Inputs)

Differential, 2 wire with shield.



Programmable 1-5000, in 1, 2, 3, 5 steps, with ±0.05% accuracy.

Gain Stability

±0.01%, ±0.005%/ºC.

Linearity (Amplifier)

±0.01% for gains < 1,000, ±0.02% for gains 1,000 and higher.

Common Mode

75 dB plus gain in dB to 110 dB, DC to 60 Hz.

CM Voltage

±10 V

Source Current

±25 nA, ±0.1 nA/ºC.


Automatic to ±1 µV RTI, ±0.5 mV RTO.

Zero Stability

±5 µV RTI, ±1 mV RTO, ±1 µV/ºC RTI, ±0.2 mV/ºC RTO. Short term: ±2 µV RTI, ±0.4 mV RTO for 8 hours.

Noise (1 kHz)

2 µV RTI plus 0.55 mV RTO, RMS


Below -86 dB for full scale signal on adjacent channels.


Determined by input filter, 1 kHz (-3 dB) maximum.



Two-pole, low-pass, RC Filter with 10 Hz, 100 Hz (-3 dB cutoff frequency) or wideband.


Other filter characteristics and cut offs are available.



16-bits, two's complement output.

Sample Rate

Programmable up to 2K samples per second per channel.
Up to 2

Digitizer Linearity

±2 LSB (±0.006%)


Monotonic to 15 bits.


Voltage Substitution

Alternate input for external calibration reference. Programmable attenuation steps of 1, 0.1, and 0.01 with ±0.01% accuracy. Output of the attenuator is provided on a rear panel connector for calibration.

Zero Calibration

Amplifier input disconnected and shorted for zero calibration.



Control and data interface is USB 2.0.


Window's driver (Both 32 and 64-bit) provides high-level operating command set. Fully compatible with all implementations of PI660 operating software.

Control Inputs

TTL inputs for Start, Stop and Trigger assert flags in the header of output data that initiate software control operations.


Warning and alarm buses may be independent or shared between enclosures and may initiate an output from a digital I/O type module.
Two alarms each with upper and lower limits that are programmable from negative to positive full scale. Limits checked on each ADC sample.

Data Format

Data Word

16 or 32-bits, 2's complement binary.

Scan Table

Maximum format length is 65,536 samples.

Sample Rates

Multiple sample rates consisting of the highest sample rate divided by binary numbers. Highest sample rate is programmable with 1 uS resolution.

Data Interface

Output Rate

Processor dependent, typically over 5 million 16-bit samples/second.


Processor and scan table dependent, typically less than 5 milliseconds.

Clock Stability

100 ppm over temperature range.



15-Pin Type D mounted on rear panel. Mating connector supplied.


15-Pin Type D mounted on rear panel. Mating connector supplied.


Category 5, enclosure to enclosure. 2-meter cable supplied.


2-meter cable supplied.


Power (Mechanical)

115 or 230 VAC, 110%, 47 to 63 Hz, 400 Watts.

Operating Temperature (Mechanical)

0 to +50 ºC


95% without condensation.


Normal shipping and handling of laboratory instruments.


19 in


5 in


18 in


Approximately 25 pounds with all channel modules.


Occupies one slot in Series 6000 enclosures.


Two 50-pin, Type D input connectors. Connectors are mounted on the front and mates are supplied.


0 to +50 ºC

Control & Data Processor (CDP) and Operators Workstation (PCCOWU) (Optional)


USB 2.0 ports for up to eight 6000U enclosures. Additional 6000U enclosures accommodated by adding USB expansion cards.

Ordering Information 

Ordering Information

6860-128 - 128-Ch TC Scanner w/ external UTR
6860-32 - 32-Ch TC Scanner w/ external UTR

6860-64 - 64-Ch TC Scanner w/ external UTR

6860-96 - 96-Ch TC Scanner w/ external UTR


Models 6855 & 6860
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